Marco SimonitSimonit&Sirch
How can you fix practices that often pay little attention to wellbeing of a plant?
The answer is the intuition of Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch who - with the Method of pruning the vine named after them - have recuperated ancient customs that care of the conditions of each single plant. They have made them current with the support of scientific research and structured them into simple yet essential operating rules.

After the book on Guyot (the first published in Italian), here’s the second volume dedicated to applying the Method on “spurred cordon”. With the usual clear exposition and over 400 images, it covers all the aspects that professional or amateur pruners interested in reaching the highest balance and longevity in the vines should follow so their pruning can be close to perfect.

In the first part of the volume, the innovative characteristics of the Simonit&Sirch Method are made even clearer by comparing them with traditional pruning practices.
The chapters in the second part are dedicated to applying the Method during the course of the different seasons and ages of the vine: from forming the crown of the rooted vine to developing the branching on 15-year-old vines, training the cordon (bilateral and unilateral) managing the vertical and oblique branching.

This without forgetting the conversion and rebuilding of adult plants.
Testi tecnico - scientifici, manuali pratici e guide destinate ai viticoltori e agli appasionati.
Libri sia per professionisti che per amatori e studenti
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