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Paul Fielder: All about lungeing
All about lungeing Paul FielderAllen photographic guides

Dressage trainer, Paul Fielder, provides all the basics for starting you on the road to proficient lungeing techniques. He covers equipment and its proper use, starting the young horse, and improving any horse’s balance, rhythm, and obedience....

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Sonia Davidson: All about worms
All about worms Sonia DavidsonAllen photographic guides

Parasites affect every horse and are, therefore, of concern to every horse owner. This book describes the worm types and their life cycles and explains clearly the practical aspects of preventing worm infestation....


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Gary England: Allen's fertility and obstetrics in the horse
Allen's fertility and obstetrics in the horse Gary Englandlibrary of veterinaty practice

Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse is a practical and user-friendly guide to equine reproduction. From explaining the anatomy of the mare's reproductive tract to detailing problems encountered during pregnancy, it covers all the major areas of concern as well...


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F.G.Churchill: American methods of horseshoeing
American methods of horseshoeing F.G.Churchillthe farrier classics

In 128 pages, Churchill takes an organized and concise approach, first tackling general horseshoeing knowledge, and then turning to farriery's more technical aspects. The book includes highly detailed drawings and photographs and excellent chapters on treating foot and hoof problems,...

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Maurizio Baroni, Marco d'Ubaldo: Armando Trovajoli
Armando Trovajoli Maurizio Baroni, Marco d'Ubaldo

Il Maestro Armando Trovajoli, compositore tra i più eclettici e pianista di eccezionale talento, ha realizzato colonne sonore di film che hanno segnato la storia del cinema italiano legato a grandi registi come De Sica, Lattuada, Scola, Risi, Magni, Pietrangeli,...

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Caroline Ingraham: Aromatherapy for horses
Aromatherapy for horses Caroline Ingrahamthreshold picture guides

A detailed and authoritative guide to using essential oils for common ailments and management problems in horses and ponies, by a leading practioner. How to select oils for a particular condition Doses and dilutions External, internal and topical applications Behaviour...

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Paul Grushkin, Dennis King: Art of modern rock
Art of modern rock Paul Grushkin, Dennis Kingthe poster explosion

Authoritative, eye-popping, and massive, Art of Modern Rock is the first and last word on contemporary concert posters. An art form that has grown hand-in-hand with the independent music scene, heralding small and large gigs alike, the posters have emerged...


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Museum of Fine Arts (Boston): Art of the Japanese postcard
Art of the Japanese postcard Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)The Leonard A. Lauder Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Masterpiece from The Leonard A. Lauder collection, over 360 color illustration....

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traduzione di Pasquale Di Palmo: Artaud - Poesie della crudeltà
Artaud - Poesie della crudeltà traduzione di Pasquale Di Palmo

Ancora non ha conosciuto l'ospedale psichiatrico e l'elettroshock l'Artaud autore di queste liriche, ma la natura tormentata del suo animo vi è già profondamente impressa. Visioni oniriche evocano l'atmosfera della stagione surrealista, ma a dominare è una prorompente fisicità, fatale...


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James Warren Felter: Artistamps
Artistamps James Warren Felterfrancobolli d'artista

Ribelli al monopolio delle emissioni governative, i francobolli d'artista danno vita con intenti satirici, ludici o poetici ad una filatelia alternativa dominata dalla più sfrenata creatività. Centinaia di francobolli di oltre cinquanta artisti internazionali. Testi in Italiano-Inglese Against monopoly emissions...

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George E.Rich: Artistic horseshoeing
Artistic horseshoeing George E.Richthe farrier classics

This latest installment in the American Farriers Journal's "Farrier Classics" series relies on the time-tested advice of renowned farrier George E. Rich. A 240-page reprint of the original book from 1887 that was updated in 1907, complete with illustrations, this...

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L. De Sévy: Assiette allures et réactions

Officier de cavalerie, chercheur inlassable, Yves-Louis-Marie Turquet de Beauregard a publié dans la " Revue de cavalerie", puis édité de nombreuses études sous le pseudonyme L. de Sévy. Sévy nous montre, dans cette étude originale sur l'assiette, comment on peut...

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Roberto Rubino, Pierre Morand-Fehr, Lucia Sepe: Atlas of goats products
Atlas of goats products Roberto Rubino, Pierre Morand-Fehr, Lucia Sepea wide international inventory of whatever things the goat can give us

This English book of 384 pages presents 210 products of 28 countries in the world. It is published under the aegis of International Goat Association and Caseus. The work was coordinated by Roberto Rubino....

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H.Schebitz, H.Wilkens: Atlas of radiographic anatomy of the horse
Atlas of radiographic anatomy of the horse H.Schebitz, H.WilkensAtlas der röntgen-anatomie des pferdes

Numerosi disegni anatomici e radiografie Testo in inglese e tedesco. This radiographic atlas familiarizes the equine practitioner with all common and uncommon features of the various bone and joint diseases of the equine limbs. Illustrated with high quality radiographs the...


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Jim Heimann, Steven Heller, Jim Donnelly: Automobile design graphics
Automobile design graphics Jim Heimann, Steven Heller, Jim Donnellya visual history from Golden Age to the Gas crisis 1900-1973

L’arte di vendere molto più di un’automobile La promozione di uno degli acquisti più importanti nella vita di un americano era un processo complicato che, oltre alla pubblicità tradizionale, prevedeva l’impiego di un elemento cruciale in grado di esaltare le...

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