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Chris Pitt: A long time gone
A long time gone Chris Pitt

A Long Time Gone weaves a spellbinding tale as it takes the reader round the ninety or so racecourses, some of which now exist only in the imagination, that have closed in Britain this century. Working as a sporting archaeologist...

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Léonie M.Marshall: A mental attitude to dressage

Top international dressage riders believe that success is an attitude. This text looks at the planning and preparation for dressage competitions together with the motivation and self-knowledge that are necessary to succeed at any level....

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Tim Couzens, BVetMed, MRCVS, VetMFHom: A modern horse herbal
A modern horse herbal Tim Couzens, BVetMed, MRCVS, VetMFHom

A practical guide to medicinal herbs for horses and how they can help in the treatment of a wide range of common ailments, it outlines the numerous diseases and conditions which can be effectively and safely treated with herbal medicine,...


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Robert Oliver, Bob Langrish: A photographic guide to conformation
A photographic guide to conformation Robert Oliver, Bob Langrish

A best-seller, this in-depth study of conformation examines each part of the horse in photographs and text, showing both good and bad points and illustrating differences of breed and type....

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Janet George: A rural uprising
A rural uprising Janet Georgethe battle to save hunting with hounds

Janet George spent 5 years defending hunting, and 3 as Chief Press Officer of the Countryside Alliance. A prime mover in the organization of the 1998 march, she was dubbed "the voice of the countryside" by the media. This is...

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Ann S. Reilly: A sport psychology workbook for riders

A U.S. expert in sport psychology explains how effective two-way communication can be achieved between rider and horse. These mental strategies used by top riders and other athletes while training and competing, along with practical exercise, help to banish the...

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Gill Watson: A young person's guide to eventing
A young person's guide to eventing Gill Watsona pony club publication

Gill Watson FBHS, the world's most successful trainer of young event riders, has distilled the essence of her knowledge to provide this invaluable book. Illustrated with photographs and drawings chosen by the author it covers all aspects of the sport,...

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The official instruction handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation: Advanced techniques of riding
Advanced techniques of riding The official instruction handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation

The German Riding and Driving System: book 2 Recommended by the BHS. Dressage - Show Jumping - Eventing...

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Hilda Nelson: Alexis-Francois L'Hotte
Alexis-Francois L'Hotte Hilda Nelsonthe quest for lightness in equitation

As commandant of the cavalry school Alexis-Francois L'Hotte (1825-1904) was obliged to use the methods of the Comte d'Aure, but with his own horses practised the teachings of Baucher. He became one of France's greatest riders La biografia del Generale...

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Caroline Henderson: All about bits and bridles
All about bits and bridles Caroline HendersonAllen photographic guides

A wealth of advice and information on bits and bridles, clearly illustrated with color photographs....

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Karen Coumbe: All about laminitis
All about laminitis Karen CoumbeAllen photographic guides

This guide will help the horse owner reduce the chance of her horse developing this dreaded condition by outlining clear courses of prevention, and if the worst happens, the best forms of treatment to avoid permanent disability....


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Paul Fielder: All about long reining
All about long reining Paul Fielderphotographs by Bob Langrish

International dressage trainer Paul Fielder shows how his methods achieve success with schooling the horse from the ground. He covers equipment, rein handling and basic skills, then progresses to improving the horse's balance and self-carriage....

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Paul Fielder: All about lungeing
All about lungeing Paul FielderAllen photographic guides

Dressage trainer, Paul Fielder, provides all the basics for starting you on the road to proficient lungeing techniques. He covers equipment and its proper use, starting the young horse, and improving any horse’s balance, rhythm, and obedience....


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Patrcia & Victoria Spooner: All about riding side-saddle
All about riding side-saddle Patrcia & Victoria SpoonerPhotographs by Edward Stagg

Brief, concise, and filled with helpful photos, this introductory guide provides essential information on riding side-saddle....


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Vanessa Britton: All about rugs
All about rugs Vanessa Brittonphotographs by the author

Brief, concise, and filled with helpful photos, this introductory guide provides essential information on all aspects of horse blankets....


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