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Autori Vari:  1000 vins du monde

Cet ouvrage présente 1 000 vins retenus par une centaine d'oenologues de différents pays, réunis pour le concours international des Vinalies, organisé en février 2004 par l'Union des oenologues de France. Les points forts - Une sélection objective : les...

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Antoine Lebègue:  Le livre de cave
Le livre de cave Antoine Lebègueles livrets du vin

Comment construire et aménager sa cave à vin, y conserver ses bouteilles dans les meilleures conditions. Quels vins y entreposer et combien de temps les laisser vieillir. Des conseils pour acheter, garder son vin, surveiller son évolution....

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Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE:
"D" is for Donkey Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE

'The founder of the Donkey Sanctuary brings us stories of many of those her Europe-wide creation has saved... This book serves as a fitting tribute to its Yorkshire-born author, who completed it shortly before she died this year. After founding...


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Andrea Molesini: ヴェネツィア人がコバを育てたとき
ヴェネツィア人がコバを育てたとき Andrea Molesiniquando ai veneziani crebbe la coda

“Non sfuggì alla luna che la Befana era ubriaca, perché la scopa andava un po’ a zig-zag e di quando in quando faceva un sobbalzo. Così l’astro notturno sorrise, divertito, perché fino ad allora non aveva mai visto una Befana...

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Andrea Petrini, Fabrizio Marchesi: 100% Alba - Ceretto / Crippa
100% Alba - Ceretto / Crippa Andrea Petrini, Fabrizio Marchesitra cantina d'eccellenza, territorio e cucina stellata / excellence in wine, territory and five-stars cuisine

Un viaggio nei sensi fatto di tanti argomenti, di tante storie, quasi un "caleidoscopio": la famiglia Ceretto, l'avventura del ristorante, le Langhe, l'arte e gli artisti, l'architettura d'interni, il vino, l'orto, le materie prime, il talento di Enrico Crippa, colleghi...

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Karen Bush: 201 handy hints for horse persons

201 time and money saving tricks of the trade to make stable management easier and more successful. *Recycle your baler twine *Mix your own hoof oil *Make your own stable rug *Use garlic to improve coat condition *Repair your rubber...

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David Pickering: 20th-century Music
20th-century Music David Pickering

" ready-reference...comprising brief entries....follow a broad definition of 20th-century music, with coverage encompassing classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz, and country....especially useful in answering the odd reference question, with entries such as "Fifth Beatle" and "donkey music" and cross references from...

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Wendy Murdoch: 40 5-minute jumping fixes
40 5-minute jumping fixes Wendy Murdochsimple solutions for better jumping performance-in no time

A comprehensive training handbook on how to improve one’s jumping. Better balance in the saddle, improved body control from head to toe, and increased influence with your seat are just a handful of the simple fixes offered in this straightforward...

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Michael J.Stevens: A classical riding notebook
A classical riding notebook Michael J.Stevensforeword by Charles De Kunffy

Schooling according to classical tradition can be undertaken by any rider and applied to all riding horses, be they eventers, dressage horses, show jumpers or hacks, rendering them more versatile and a greater pleasure to ride. Chapters include: * The...

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Brigadier General Kurt Albrecht: A dressage judge's handbook
A dressage judge's handbook Brigadier General Kurt Albrechttraslated by Nicole Bartle

There are more methods than one of judging dressage test but no method is valid unless judge's knowledge surpasses in every way the knowledge of the competitor. Nor can extensive practice of judging be a substitute for study; a judge...

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William Cavendish Duke of Newcastle: A general system of horsemanship
A general system of horsemanship William Cavendish Duke of Newcastle

Facsimile reproduction of the edition of 1743. Introduction by William C.Steinkraus with a technical commentary by E.Schmit-Jensen...

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Jenny Hughes: A horse by any other name

Fran's energies are concentrated on restoring to health a horse named Charlie, a poor, neglected chestnut who needs her love and attention. But when a handsome stranger comes to her rescue, Fran is distracted and wonders what she can do...


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Mark Rashid: A journey to softness
A journey to softness Mark Rashidin search of feel and connection with the horse

Mark Rashid shares personal stories about events in his life that helped him on his journey to softness, as well as the stumbling blocks along the way. The narrative includes a section in which Mark passes on the experiences of...


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Michel Henriquet: A la recherche de l'équitation

La Haute École n'est pas un domaine réservé aux vieux cavaliers rhumatisans. Elle n'est pas davantage un pénible pensum à infliger à de bouillants jeunes gens. C'est l'aboutissement d'une recherche passionnante qui mène à la découverte d'horizons insoupçonnés. A travers...

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