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Pruning determines the quality and the quantity of the harvest, the vigor of the shoots, the grape ripening, the too often neglected health of the plant, its resistance and longevity," says Denis Dubourdieu in the preface to this manual. Indeed, pruning is by far the vine grower's most important activity. In the past few years, it has too often become harming as a consequence of mechanization and cost reduction. This is why it is partly responsible for the catastrophic increase in wood diseases. Branched pruning has a huge impact and improve durability and longevity of the plants even because it respects the sap fl ow continuity and reduces pruning wounds. Pruning can also become a crucial preventive measure to have a healthy plant and therefore limit vine deterioration. After 30 years of study and practice in vineyards in Italy, Europe and across the world, Marco Simonit and his team of experts have acquired the perfect know-how and competence in pruning: respect for the plant, building of the trunk, control of the branching. Expert vine growers, young students and every enthusiast will find in this illustrated guide more than 400 images, diagrams and photos offering a very educational and practical explanation. A unique guide in its kind, explaining how to prune Guyot with the Simonit&Sirch Method, named after its Italian inventors.
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