Nancy BowkerJohn Rarey: horse tamer
The 19th century was a time of brutality in the world of horse training both in England and America. Many people used violence to "break" horses rather than understanding and educating them.

This book gives an account of John Rarey, a man who tamed horses through gentleness and understanding and who became the most famous horse trainer in Victorian Britain. It details his remarkable career, his horse, Cruiser, and the many public demonstrations that he gave to ordinary people, as well as to Queen Victoria.

The success of his demonstrations and his attempts to break through the barriers of his day influenced horsemen throughout the world.

Whilst far from being a 19th-century Monty Roberts, the spirit of his quest is reflected in trainers like Roberts who advocate a gentle and understanding approach.
Questi volumi seguono una rigorosa correttezza tecnico-scientifica e una esposizione semplice con molte illustrazioni a colori. Testi sia per hobbysti sia per professionisti.
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