Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg with Julie RowbothamKottas on Dressage
Having stressed the need for the rider to establish correct posture and a thorough understanding of the aids before attempting to train the horse, the book highlights the value of establishing rapport with the horse and enhancing his mental responses and developing his physique with groundwork before progressing to work under saddle.

The text then focuses on thorough, incremental development of the basic gaits, explains the value and execution of the lateral exercises and introduces advanced work including tempi changes, pirouettes, piaffe and passage.

A number of commonly encountered problems are analysed, and remedies offered.

Underpinning the whole text is the author’s fundamental stance on horses and training: ‘I always see the horse as a partner. He must be trained slowly and patiently.’
Questi volumi seguono una rigorosa correttezza tecnico-scientifica e una esposizione semplice con molte illustrazioni a colori. Testi sia per hobbysti sia per professionisti.
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