Jump Course Design Manual
How to Plan and Set Practice Courses for Schooling Hunter, Jumper and Equitation Riders

Susan Tinder

Susan TinderJump Course Design Manual
  • Equitazione
  • Editore: Trafalgar Square Publishing
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Formato:cm 30 x 23
  • Pagine: 232
  • Anno edizione: 2013
An entire profession is devoted to designing and building jump courses, but now it can be a little easier to create your own show-quality course at home!

This highly illustrated instruction manual explains—with the aid of hundreds of color photos, diagrams, and tables—the jump components used in different horse show divisions, how course designers select the tracks to be followed, and what factors make a course more or less difficult to ride.

This book is essential for anyone who wants to better understand the concepts of course design and is a valuable training aid for those looking for inspiration when schooling or teaching riders at home.

Includes 52 full course designs, 15 short courses, 35 gymnastic exercise set-ups, and 15 grid lines.

Questi volumi seguono una rigorosa correttezza tecnico-scientifica e una esposizione semplice con molte illustrazioni a colori. Testi sia per hobbysti sia per professionisti.
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