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Jaime Jackson
Laminitis an equine plague of unconscionable proportions
healing and protecting your horse using natural care principles e practices

From the Foreword: “This book provides a concise and useful guide for horse owners to take immediate and productive action against laminitis and keep it out of their horses’ lives once and for all . . . Nipping away at the edges of the [laminitis] plague, NHC continues to grow with adherents who want nothing better than what is good for their horses. So, the answer lies not in a drug-addicted world of ‘treating symptoms’ but in the holistic fold of equine vitality. There is no shortage of things that we all can, and should, do to support this end: more responsible horse ownership, good science, good research, safe feeds, safe drugs, and a revolutionary new vanguard of allied services that inure to the healthful vitality of the horse, not a perpetual state of laminitis. But we’ll never see any of it, if we persist in the delusion that the current stream of ‘profits at all costs’ — the industrialization of laminitis — equates to the well-being of the horse. It doesn’t, and the intent of this book is to show why, while pointing to a good path to get ourselves and our horses on ‘at all costs’.”

Laminitis lays out Jackson’s most current thinking and strategies for dealing with this insidious disease of the horse. 

Jaime Jackson is a 40 year veteran farrier turned NHC practitioner, researcher, author, and advocate for humane horse care practices. He founded the AANHCP in 2000, and with his colleague Jill Willis, the ISNHCP in 2009. Jackson has written a comprehensive range of books, articles, and PowerPoint lectures on the humane care of horses.

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formato: 21,5 x 8
lingua: Inglese
anno pubblicazione: 2016
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