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Philipp Dutton, Amber Heintzberger
Modern eventing with Phillip Dutton
the complete resource-training, conditioning, and competing in all three phases
This comprehensively illustrated book covers training, conditioning, and competing in all three phases of events: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

In addition, Dutton includes full chapters describing the special needs of the event horse, with tips and advice from the top experts who make up his internationally respected eventing team — his groom, his farrier, and his veterinarian.

One will find guidance in everything from daily maintenance to braiding and turnout, and from hoof care and studs to common health issues and "vet box" care of your horse during competitions.

With tips for finding the right event prospect, whatever the level of experience, as well as Dutton's own schooling exercises, both on the flat and over fences, the book promises to give one the leg up one needs for a safe and confident start in the sport.

Everything You Need to Excel in Eventing

Tack & Equipment • Finding the Right Horse • Putting • Together an Eventing Team • Horse & Rider Fitness • Basic Dressage Schooling • Cross-Country: No Fences • Cross-Country Jumping • Introduction to Show Jumping • Mental Preparation for Horse & Rider • Warming Up for Each Phase • Riding the Dressage Test • Walking the Cross-Country Course • Planning the Show Jumping Round • Staying Clear and Making Time • Grooming, Braiding, & Quarter Marks • Feeding the Working Athlete • Hoof Maintenance, Shoes, & Studs • Common Health Problems • Care of the Event Horse During Competition • And So Much More!

Questo libro completamente illustrato riguarda la formazione per competere in tutte e tre le fasi degli eventi: dressage, cross-country e salto ostacoli.

isbn: 9781570764899
pagine: 334
formato: 21 x 26
lingua: Inglese
anno pubblicazione: 2013
euro 40,00
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