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Practical carriage and wagon painting
with an introduction by Merri Ferrell
Today’s collectors who seek instruction on painting and decorating their vehicles can do no better than to read this reprint of M.C. Hillick’s book on the subject. The book, organized not unlike the structure of an apprenticeship, is divided into 16 chapters, including everything from Buying, Using, and Preserving Brushes, to The Application of Colors to Surfaces and Varnish, to Scroll Painting, Lettering, and Monograms. The book is full of beautiful ornaments, lettering and striping—all of great help to the carriage, wagon or sleigh collector/restorer, the sign painter, or the graphic artist.

Reprint dell'edizione del 1898

isbn: 1879335778
pagine: XI + 161
formato: 15 x 23
lingua: Inglese
euro 28,40
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