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Carol Mailer
Better Jumping
using grid work for success at every level
However competent or experienced you are, you will always want to improve - to jump better.

From being a complete beginner to competing at the highest level, there is always more to be done, and gridwork is the key, the building blocks of a winning partnership.

Jumping trainer Carol Mailer, believes that these and many more problems can be overcome with the help of the grid:

My horse is nappy and bad tempered; is there any chance of him ever competing?
How can I help my horse jump straight?
My new horse was perfect when I bought him.
Now he's stopping, running out or charging off with me.
Why is he doing it?

I'm an inexperienced rider with a new horse.

How can I form a good partnership when we start jumping?
Why does my horse keep putting extra strides in?
Is there a way to calm my horse down and make him listen to me?
I'm having a job stopping my horse cutting corners. Any ideas?

Packed with exercises for finessing your technique and insightful solutions to classic jumping difficulties, Better Jumping is a wonderfully practical and inspiring book that will set you on the path to success, whatever your level.

isbn: 9780851319490
pagine: 231
formato: 22 x 27
lingua: Inglese
anno pubblicazione: 2008
euro 30.00
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