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Andrea Zanfi
Le garden of wine
photo by Giò Martorana
Le Marche... kitchen-garden of wine includes 58 estates with accounts, in the author’s by now familiar style, of 58 people who in his opinion have made history not only in the Marches but also in Italian enology. A formative journey made by Zanfi in the company of photographer Giò Martorana whose images are once more a worthy corollary to the text. Pleasurable moments that led the author to reflect and note how Marches people, usually austere and reserved, are able to open up and reveal their wonderful personal stories. A complex and subtle territory which can fully show its various and amazing aspects. The book can be read in two distinct ways: on the one hand the people who live in close contact with the vineyards and land, described and interpreted with personal touches of great vivacity and truth; and on the other hand vinification techniques and all necessary information about the wine produced. A volume to be read, consulted or “looked at” with great pleasure. An important part of the mosaic to give everyone a detailed picture of the human, personal and in some cases intimate aspect of the Marches man/vine-dresser, while at the same time taking the reader on a journey of discovery through this region and its wines.

isbn: 8888482539
pagine: 324
formato: 30 x 30
lingua: Inglese
euro 70.00
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