Luigi Odello, Carlo OdelloEspresso Italiano Tasting - Russian Edition


The book
Learn how to distinguish in a cup of coffee the merits of the beans it was made from, the expertise of the coffee roaster, the efficiency of grinder-dispensers and espresso machines, the skill of the bar-tender: this is the aim of Espresso Italiano Tasting, the first book to be devoted to sensorial analysis and appreciation of the famous Italian beverage. Espresso Italiano Tasting is the sum-total of what has been done over nearly ten years in the field of sensorial evaluation of coffee by the International Society of Coffee Tasters and the large number of experts that belong to it.
Espresso Italiano Tasting is written in a clear and concise way: how to taste coffee, the merits and possible defects of a cup of coffee ready for consumption, the trialcard and the method to use for correct sensorial evaluation, the geography of coffee-growing and the production process, the art of blending and roasting, equipment and tips for preparing an excellent espresso.

The authors
Luigi Odello, a journalist and lecturer in sensorial analysis at several universities, not only practises his profession but is also a director of companies concerned with technological innovation, tasting and sensorial analysis. In the coffee sector he is Secretary-General of the Inei (National Institute for Italian Espresso) and the Iiac (International Institute of Coffee Tasters). He is editor in chief of L’Assaggio (The Taster). He writes for important national newspapers, is the author of ten books and Chairman of the Taster Study and Research Centre.
Carlo Odello is a partner in Odello M & L, where he works on the compiling and editing of new publications. He shared in the production of Il barman, guida a una professione di successo (The Barman - Guide to a Successful Career), and for a long time was on the editorial board of the journal The Taster.
Il Centro Studi Assaggiatori è l’unità di ricerca sull’analisi sensoriale più avanzata e completa in Italia. I risultati di queste ricerche sono utilizzati dalla aziende e dalla GDO per migliorare e mantenere costante la qualità dei prodotti nel tempo.
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